3G Modem Upgrade Information

AT&T’s 2G Network Sunset

Recently AT&T announced plans to start shutting down their 2G network with the intention of ending 2G service by January 1, 2017. AT&T will also increase the cost of their 2G service plans beginning January 1, 2015. Please CLICK HERE for more information from AT&T about the 2G network sunset.

In response to AT&T’s changes, Baseline must raise the cost of 2G cellular service from $199 to $399 per year beginning January 2015. Additionally, sometime between now and January 1, 2017, 2G cellular service for your Baseline irrigation controller will no longer be available.

In anticipation of the 2G service sunset, Baseline released a 3G cellular modem earlier this summer. 3G service rates will continue at $199 per year.

3G Upgrade Information

Why the change?

AT&T has announced plans to shut down their 2G network by January 1, 2017

What it means:

2G Service plans will increase in price from $199 to $399 beginning January 1, 2015 and 2G service will end on or before January 1, 2017.

What to do about it:

Upgrade to a 3G Cell Modem.  By upgrading, your service rate won’t change, and you’ll avoid any service interruptions.  Because you’re an existing customer, you’ll also save big on the hardware.

Yearly Data Fee for 3G

$199 – Same as the current rate

Part Numbers

BaseStation 3200 Upgrade Kits

BL-3200CM3G-UPG-X - 3G upgrade kit for BaseStation 3200s in "X" Cabinets

BL-3200CM3G-UPG-P - 3G upgrade kit for BaseStation 3200s in Pedestals

BaseStation 1000 Upgrade Kits

BL-1000CM3G-UPG-X - 3G upgrade kit for BaseStation 1000s in "X" Cabinets

BL-1000CM3G-UPG-P - 3G upgrade kit for BaseStation 1000s in Pedestals

How Do I Upgrade?

Our goal is to make the transition as easy as possible.

Purchase Baseline’s 3G cell modem. You can purchase the modem from your local authorized Baseline distributor. If you would like to purchase the upgrade from Baseline directly, please contact Baseline for more information.

Fill out the 3G Cell Service Upgrade Form.  Make sure to have the SIM number and serial number for the old 2G Modem AND the new 3G modem on hand when filling out the form. You received a card in your upgrade kit with instructions for getting these numbers from your 2G cell modem and the numbers for your new 3G cell modem. CLICK HERE to see a copy of that card.

Note: Your billing date will not change. For example, if you paid for your next year of service in August 2014, we’ll simply upgrade your service to 3G now and schedule the next invoice for August 2015. Or, if your anniversary date is in December 2014, you can purchase and upgrade your modem and service now, and we’ll bill you for the next year of service in December.

Install the 3G cell modem into your irrigation controller. If you have a BaseStation 1000 or a BaseStation 3200 running V12 firmware, the upgrade will be relatively easy. You will receive a new modem, and even though there will be some simple equipment installation required, the effort required is minimal.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading a BaseStation 1000 Controller in a Pedestal
Upgrading a BaseStation 1000 Controller in an X/XS Enclosure
Upgrading a BaseStation 3200 Controller in a Pedestal
Upgrading a BaseStation 3200 Controller in an X/XS Enclosure

What Happens if I Don’t Upgrade?

If you choose to continue with your 2G service, you will be billed at the new increased rate on your billing anniversary. Additionally, your service will end when AT&T shuts down their 2G network in your region. If you choose to upgrade after the promotional period, you can purchase the Baseline 3G cell modem at the regular retail price.

Important Note to Legacy BaseStation 3200 Customers

The 3G upgrade is available for customers who have BaseStation 3200 controllers that are running the Legacy firmware; however, you must first convert your controller to the V12 platform. The new 3G modem is not compatible with Legacy Firmware (version and older) If you have any questions or need help determining which BaseStation 3200 firmware you are using, please contact Baseline Support at (866) 294-5847.