Baseline Warranty Information

Baseline's standard warranty for BaseStation 1000 and 3200 controllers is 1 year from the date of installation/project completion.  Two-wire devices such as biSensors, valve biCoders, Event biCoders, etc. carry a standard warranty of 5 years from the date of installation/project completion.  Customers with BaseStation irrigation controllers have the option to apply for an extended 5-year warranty on the controller at no extra cost.

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In order to qualify for the extended warranty, the customer must provide documentation that verifies that the controller and all devices connected to that controller in the field are installed to specification.  This documentation can be provided in two steps:

  1. An authorized Baseline representative completes a site inspection. The authorized representative has access to an inspection app that enables them to submit the inspection information. The customer receives a copy of the completed inspection report. 
  2. The customer, or someone authorized by the end customer, completes the extended warranty application form.  This form collects important information like controller details, total device counts, wire gauge and length, and grounding information.

           Extended Warranty Application Form

After Baseline has received the inspection report and the application form, we will review the information provided.  If all is in order, we will send the extended warranty authorization to the customer.  If you do not have the ability to submit the form electronically, you may download a paper copy here.


If you have any questions about the requirements for an extended warranty, or if you want to begin the process of applying for the extended warranty, please contact Baseline Support at 1-866-294-5847.


We strive to provide the best products possible and back that up with the best support available.  As a result, Baseline products must be purchased from an authorized Baseline Distributor.  Our Distribution partners are committed to helping us provide the best product and support.  Products that are purchased from any reseller that is not authorized by Baseline will be automatically disqualified from any warranty or support.