Upcoming Baseline Training Events

2016-2017 Training Schedule

Baseline is proud to offer some excellent training opportunities this winter.  Here's a description of the classes that we are offering.

Baseline Basics Training (Sample Agenda)
The Baseline Basics training will give you a solid understanding of Baseline fundamentals. You'll leave the training knowing about all the products and solutions that Baseline has to offer, including Baseline's two-wire and conventional wire solutions, controller options, smart watering with biSensor™ soil moisture sensors and WeatherAccess™.

You'll also get hands-on experience programming both BaseStation 1000™ and BaseStation 3200™ controllers, and you'll learn about how BaseManager™ can be used to increase the ease and efficiency of a Baseline system. We'll also cover the basics of grounding and troubleshooting.

Baseline Advanced Training (Sample Agenda)
Baseline Advanced Training builds on the foundation of the Baseline Basics Training. You'll leave the Advanced Training course with a deep understanding of how to use Baseline products to solve real irrigation challenges.

In this course, you'll get hands-on experience with real-world situations. The course covers everything from strategies for effectively programming complicated irrigation schedules to using Baseline's powerful suite of water resource management solutions. Completion of the Basic Training course is a prerequisite for Advanced Training. The registration fee for Baseline Advanced Training is $300.

Baseline Radio Survey Certification (Sample Agenda)
Attendees will learn the principles of successful radio applications and get hands on training using a Baseline Radio Survey Kit to complete and qualify a site for Ethernet Radio applications. 

This class requires the purchase of a Radio Survey Kit. The Radio Survey Certification training is included in the cost of the kit. The Radio Certification training is typically held immediately following an Advanced Training session.

For more information about any of these training opportunities, please contact Drew at (866) 294-5847.

Here's the schedule of our upcoming training events:

Date   Description
Nov 8-9, 2016   Baseline Basics Training - COMPLETE
Jan 24-25, 2017   Baseline Basics Training - FULL
Jan 26-27, 2017   Baseline Advanced Training - FULL
Feb 21-22, 2017   Baseline Advanced Training
Feb 22-23, 2017   Baseline Radio Survey Certification Training
Mar 7-8, 2017   Baseline Advanced Training
Mar 8-9, 2017   Baseline Radio Survey Certification Training

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Important:  Seats in Baseline's training classes are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have any questions, please call Drew at (866) 294-5847