Our Company

Thank you for considering Baseline for your irrigation project.  We’re confident Baseline will not only save you time and money on the installation of your irrigation system, but you’ll also conserve a lot of water while maintaining a beautiful landscape.


As you know, water conservation is a significant issue.  Each day, 58% of  domestic water used is applied to landscapes and the EPA estimates that up to half of that water is wasted! Billions of gallons of water are wasted every day.  It’s no wonder that conservation-focused irrigation has become a priority for the irrigation industry.   Consumers and organizations are demanding products that increase watering efficiency without sacrificing the health of their landscapes.  Baseline is at the forefront by developing technologies that conserve water, are easier to install and maintain, and promote the healthiest and most beautiful landscapes possible.


Company Overview

Baseline was formed in 1998 to deliver on the promise of a new and simpler approach to irrigation management.  Baseline’s founders and management team include engineers from the high-tech industry and veterans of the agricultural industry.  Together, the Baseline team has developed a family of products that set the standard in quality and usability.  Baseline manufactures patented, industry-leading soil moisture sensors and two-wire protocols and devices, and smart controllers with simple-to-use interfaces, to name a few.  Baseline products are the easiest and best solution for both healthy and beautiful landscapes and significant water conservation.


Company Mission

Baseline’s mission statement is simple: “We intend to change the way people water plants by providing the smartest, easiest and most capable irrigation control products ever made.”  Baseline’s commitment is to produce the highest quality, most reliable products in the industry.  At Baseline, customer satisfaction is the number one priority.


We invite you to take a look at our products, and then let us know how we can help you with your irrigation project.