Baseline's Solutions for School Grounds

Chances are your exisitng irrigation equipment is aging. In fact, you may even have a system that has been or will soon be discontinued. You may also be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per year just to keep a site operational.


Upgrading to a Baseline controller is easy because existing wires can be reused. It can be as easy as taking the old controller off the wall and replacing it with a Baseline controller.


Also keep in mind that one Baseline controller may be able to replace more than one of your existing controllers.


Upgrade your system


Intelligent Controllers


What Our Customers Are Saying


"I'm pleased to say that the school grounds have never looked better in the many years the school has been open. The turf is in excellent condition. The Baseline system has taught me a new and better way to water the school grounds. Most of all, the Baseline system takes care of itself. Once we set up the programs to our watering needs, the system manages it, deciding run times and days and does this around our athletic team practices and game schedules."
- Brady Bartholomew, Head Custodian, Copper Hills High School, West Jordan, UT


"Ease of use compared to programming a Maxi-Com type system, Baseline is just plain fun. As for the water savings–simply put, you only water when the plant needs it. I know of no other system that is as water efficient." - Robb Willie, Grounds Supervisor, Washington County Schools, Utah


"Baseline has not only saved our school district time but water usage as well. Being able to access the district's irrigation system over my phone or tablet to turn on a rain delay over the weekend, or to run through any of the zones without having to access the main irrigation panel has made our maintenance more efficient." - Lance Weidler, Manor Independent School District, TX


Baseline Controllers

Baseline’s full-featured irrigation controllers can replace multiple existing controllers and they require less hands-on adjustment than older systems.


Baseline’s systems are designed to efficiently deal with the complexity that is inherent in managing a school district. For example, a Baseline controller will automatically detect a mainline break and stop irrigation to prevent excessive water loss. Then any staff members who are assigned to the site will receive alerts via text message or email. These and other alerts allow landscape managers to make important decisions about how to allocate personnel resources and manage what's really important in the most efficient way possible.


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BaseStation 1000™

BaseStation 3200™

Soil Moisture Sensors

soil moisture sensor

Our soil moisture sensor-based watering strategies enable you to reduce water waste and improve the quality of your landscaping – on the sports fields and in multi-use areas.


Watering with soil moisture sensors is the ultimate smart watering method. The sensor actually measures the moisture level in the soil, and the controller uses this information to manage the frequency of irrigation.


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Watering with Soil Moisture Sensors

Comparing Smart Irrigation Technologies

Central Controls

Central Control

With our central controls, you can reduce trips to your various sites and reduce the number of workers required to adjust sprinkler settings. Baseline’s AppManager™ Central Control Platform gives you a real-time view of what’s happening at each property.


BaseManager™, the site management application within AppManager, gives you access to interactive maps that show a bird's-eye view of what zones are watering, what solenoid has failed and more. BaseManager's reports give you detailed information about the watering events for each property. With AppManager and BaseManager, the cost-saving information is in your hands.


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Mobile Access™

Mind the Leaks

flow meters

You know that a leak or a pipe break can be expensive in terms of water loss and damage to the surrounding area. Stay on top of unexpected water loss with Baseline’s flow management solutions.


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Flow Solutions


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