Mobile Access™
Mobile Access™

Baseline's Mobile Access Turns Your Phone into the Ultimate Remote Control

Save time and money by using your mobile phone as the ultimate remote control. Baseline’s Mobile Access™ is a mobile web application that allows you to operate your Baseline irrigation controller with a web-enabled mobile device. You’ll be amazed by how much money you can save compared to traditional RF remote controls, especially when you need to give access to your entire crew.  Plus, you’ll save loads of time because all the control you need in the field will always be in your pocket, available with the click of a button. 

 Baseline's Mobile Access

Remote Control Done Right

Baseline's Mobile Access provides powerful yet simple control of any BaseStation 1000 or BaseStation 3200 controller from virtually any web-enabled mobile phone or other mobile device. You’ll have quick and easy access to important manual operations like turning zones on and off, starting and stopping programs, and initiating rain delays.  You also have the option to get real-time soil moisture and flow readings.  Mobile Access even provides real-time confirmation that your operation was successful.


Most importantly, Mobile Access and Mobile Access Advanced were designed with contractors and maintenance personnel in mind.  Mobile Access provides a simple and easy way to perform the basic operations you need most from a remote control with a few simple clicks.  The bottom line – Mobile Access uses the power of your smart phone to make your job easier.


Mobile Access — Features and System Requirements

Mobile Access Lite Features

  • Included with BaseManager™ Lite web service (free with the purchase of a BaseStation irrigation controller
  • Mobile Access Lite enables users to turn zones on and off from any web-enabled mobile device


Mobile Access Basic Features

  • Included with BaseManager web service and with self-hosted BaseManager (both the VM software and pre-installed versions)
  • Mobile Access Basic enables users to perform the following operations from any web-enabled mobile device:
    • Turn zones on and off
    • Start and stop programs
    • Initiate rain delays


Mobile Access Advanced Features

  • Included with BaseManager Plus web service or available as an add-on for BaseManager software
  • Mobile Access Advanced enables users to perform the following operations from any web-enabled mobile device:
    • Turn zones on and off
    • Start and stop programs
    • Initiate rain delays
    • Perform valve diagnostics
    • Geo-locate all devices
    • View real-time soil moisture and flow sensor readings
    • View messages


System Requirements

  • BaseStation 3200 controllers require a properly configured BaseManager software package or BaseManager Web account.
  • Requires an Internet-enabled device with access to the Internet. Mobile Access has been fully tested with Apple iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. 
  • All Mobile Access levels will also work in regular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. 


Note: Use of any Mobile Access level may incur additional data charges from your cellular provider.



Information on how to turn any web-enabled smart phone or mobile device into an irrigation remote control

Spec Docs:

Specifications and Technical Details for Baseline's Mobile Access
Technical details for the industry standard security controls that Baseline has implemented in products that talk to each other and to the server

Support Docs:

The platform, browser, operating system, and device combinations that are compatible with the web applications that Baseline develops, such as BaseManager™ and Mobile Access™

Case Studies:

A look at how Bakersfield College uses Baseline products to save time and prevent overwatering at their athletic fields complex
A look at how landscape managers are using Baseline products to care for the grounds of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Michigan
A look at how Northwestern University uses Baseline products to manage their field hockey complex

How to Specify Mobile Access

Mobile Access Lite

BL-BMW2-LITE – BaseManager Lite Service (LiveView only) with Mobile Access Lite for 1 irrigation controller

Mobile Access Basic

BL-BMW2-1 – BaseManager Service with Mobile Access Basic for 1 irrigation controller

BL-BM2-VM – BaseManager Virtual Machine image, includes Mobile Access Basic

BL-BM2-COM – BaseManager pre-installed on hardware, includes Mobile Access Basic

Mobile Access Advanced

BL-BMW2-PLUS – BaseManager Service with Mobile Access Advanced for 1 irrigation controller

BL-BM2-MAA – Mobile Access Advanced add-on for BaseManager software